samedi 31 décembre 2016

Honda NX 650 Dominator Tracker kit: tank detail; attachment

Tanks are made by hand, one by one.
they can be light, ot strong, or kevlared...with an attachement or another...

Honda NX 650 Dominator Tracker kit: detail; junction seat/tank

More instructions to come, meanwhile...:

Parts, especially the seat, is provide larger to allow some cutting to your taste or necessity.
Some variations are possible, for instance depending on the seat pad thickness.
 I recommend to cut the front part of the seat, and then move it forward, maybe two inches.

Honda NX 650 Dominator Tracker kit: detail; support/junction part

Junction part between frame and kit:

This part is not provide, because its not difficult to make, so it reduces the kit price.

You'll have to make it yourself, modifying the NX OEM one,
or making a completely new one.
More detail to come later

lundi 26 décembre 2016

Honda Dominator NX650 composite tank, Hurricane type

Soon available, molds are done, first sample done;
Still remainsdetails to check up, see if everything is ok, etc.

Working on the thing.
Triumph Hurricane inspiration.