samedi 28 mars 2015

Composite tank " XR'BRO "

Sharkit tank type: XR'BRO

Ces reservoirs sont fait un à un, à la commande, prix de départ: 400 euros.
I make these tanks one by one, so whatever is your spécial request, ask me:
Price depend on many things, but starts at 400 euros

They are destinate to 400/800cm3 classic bikes. Shape is inspired from Harley XR.

There are two tunels available: one universal (see dimensions below) and one optionnal for Kawaski W800

Main body: Fuelproof resin and fiberglass

Shell outside standard finish: grey primer

Length (without rear tab and front lips):48cm
Width: 34 cm
Height (without cap): 20cm
Tunnel width: 9,5cm; a bit more at front
At rear tunnel stops about 1,5cm before end of outside shell.
Floor and rear tab are 1,5cm highter than the bottom of outside shell

REAR TAB about 8x5,5cm. Drill holes when the tank sets on bike, recommanded !

For Kawasaki W.
For another bike, without the bike, I cannot set the horse shoes at the perfect place,

FRONT LIPS: about 1,5cm ,but can be reduced to nothing, its possible.

TOP HOLE without cap support plate/cap flange: diameter 11,4cm

NO CAP usualy provide BUT:
I may provide cap depending wat I have stocked.
Provide: cap support plate/cap flange: aluminium 1,5mm thick,  diameter 15cm.
The flange will have to be drilled for the cap of your choice.
Set flange with gasket, fuelproof sealing compound for instance or better: cork.
Eight stainless 5mm bolts are epoxy bonded inside the tank for flange fixing.

PETCOK: no petcok is provide,
but I can set one if you send it to me, or prepare the place to receive it.
The Basic tank have two gas exit alu tubes/stand pipes:
-out-side diameter 8mm
-located at 1/3 from the rear
-one on each side: one for reserve and the other one to supplies all the fuel.


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